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Neil Tomkins

The Veil


Opening Thursday 3rd May • 6 - 8pm
Exhibition runs 3rd May - 22nd May

In his third solo exhibition with TNSG, Sydney based (though often far flung) painter Neil Tomkins draws on recent travels as he fuses imagery in a panoply of landscapes. The Veil juxtaposes the ochres of central Australia with the luscious greens of South America, colourfully graffitied cityscapes with the deep reds of India or the rich blue waters of the northern beaches, more often than not in the same painting.

The combination of disparate landscapes –with varying degrees of clarity in the cut between them – displays a deep understanding of colour, evident in the meeting of earth, meadows, and skies from far away continents. Composition plays a large role in The Veil, with marks being applied at once meticulously and instinctively, with careful planning going into the ‘split’.

The division of the canvas into two separate landscapes made its first appearance in Tomkins’ 2016 solo exhibition, A Deep Rumble. The Divide was the work that led him to explore further on the theme of disparity in unity, and the following year Tomkins created a handful of paintings displaying side by side the scenes of the red centre.

In The Veil, the majority of works show this split, though it appears in different forms. In some paintings, as in Northern Rivers / Hillside, it is nigh imperceptible, only noticeable through a slight shift in earth tones or the abrupt edge of a cloud. Other times we can clearly see the divide between the infrastructure of an Indian town and the trademark Mexican took tooks. In a handful of works, Tomkins almost dares us to see a split where there is none, framing the landscape with the sharp edge of a building or a tree (Cuzco Split, Between Two Trees).

In the last 3 years Neil Tomkins has collected an image bank of Landscapes from across the globe, soaking up the scenery along with the feeling of a place. The Veil takes us to the sites of his travels and imports the essence of these scenes with dynamic, well places brushstrokes and masterful compositions. Tomkins pushes the boundaries, literally and figuratively, of landscapes and their marriage to place, transporting us to sceneries that do not as such exist.

The New Standard Gallery & Neil Tomkin are proudly supported by De Salis Wines & Young Henrys



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