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Tom Ferson


Exhibition runs August 31 - September 26

Opening reception on Thursday, August 31, 6 - 8 PM


The result of two years of focused effort, Intersections is “about love, sexuality and intimacy, and the way identity can be informed by all of those things.” Deemed ‘Australia’s most patient artist’ by Monster Children Magazine, Ferson, through a complex and time consuming process of layering and engraving, creates incredibly detailed works that explore the softest aspects of human nature and beauty.

Sex dominates as a theme, though often it becomes apparent only within the context of the exhibition. Even inanimate objects are imbued with a near post-coital glow, from gobstoppers in varying degrees of consumption to pears and eggplants seductively positioned atop tousled bedsheets.

It is easy to be crude with such themes guiding the work, yet Ferson manages to be anything but. Sex is portrayed and alluded to within the context of love, relationship, and sometimes it is the space in between his subjects that holds the most charge. Ferson explores sensuality in all its forms, be it a tender moment over coffee in Without Words, or, in A Certain Stillness, a glimpse through the crack of an open bedroom door, a naked lover lying shut-eyed and top-to-tail in the sheets. A still-life of flowers is just that until one takes in the context; what was a nameless glass ornament is now as naughty and playful as the title, Fun with Objects, suggests

In addition to the thoughtful approach, the meticulous and meditative process itself adds an air of care and affection to the works. “There’s so much that’s gone into this show that it’s impossible not to have emotion as a theme in there”, Ferson said in an interview.

Much of the artist’s previous work has been a “meditation on female beauty” and in contrast, Intersections is a meditation on all beauty, both external and internal. The works in this show, each rendering its own touch and unique facet of emotion and love, meet at an intersection in the centre of the exhibition.

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