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Painter's Painters

Painter’s Painters

Figurative expressionism in emerging Sydney artists

Works by Priscilla Bourne, Henry Curchod, Nick Pont, Brad Teodoruk, Neil Tomkins

June 15 - July 15

With gestural brushstrokes and bold compositions, these five Sydney painters create works that are explorations of both the subjects and their painters, finding a point where imagination and reality meet.


Priscilla Bourne

Bourne’s work engages with an often-neglected aspect of urban environments - the subtle intrusion of the natural world. For city dwellers, the profusion of man-made structures and devices can act to obscure the teeming life that pre-exists, and penetrates at every point, the gauzy reality in which we shroud ourselves. Priscilla’s work addresses this blind spot, and goes some way towards making reparation.


Henry Curchod

Curchod’s works are an exploration of his self, bringing to surface both his cultural background in the deconstructed Farsi script and his innermost thoughts and desires. With instinctual certainty, he attacks the canvas with a double-edged sword of carefully calculated composition and wild, dramatic brushstrokes.


Nick Pont

Explores people in their surroundings through visual storytelling. The artist’s perceived world gets translated onto canvas with bold colours and powerful mark making, resulting in beautifully expressive works.


Brad Teodoruk

Represented by Robin Gibson Gallery

Teodoruk is a Sydney based artist committed to storytelling. He explores the depths of figuration in a diligent painting process. A process in which the artist often paints over an artwork several times, leaving traces of the previous painting creeping into the next. Through this technique, Teodoruk creates an array of expressive and abstract work.

Neil Tomkins

Primarily a landscape painter, Tomkins’ mark is unmistakably expressionist, creating dreamlike images in all of his work. While visiting a friend who cultures bonsais in Orange, Tomkins sketched the small trees to paint them upon his return to Sydney. This resulted in a series of ‘Portraits’ that bring out the human qualities in the curves and twists of the bonsai.


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