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Janis Clarke



Janis Clarke’s first solo exhibition with TNSG will be a turning point in the painter’s artistic practice. Following 'Transience', a solo show put on by the Moran foundation at the iconic Juniper Hall, displaying the atmospheric, abstract and often obscured landscapes Clarke is known for, 'Fapengo' is an expression of complete artistic freedom and curiosity. 

The works are an exploration of perception, often featuring seemingly banal everyday objects (water bottles, mason jars, pot plants to name a few), presented in such a way as to make the paintings both surreal and familiar, engrossing and enigmatic. Clarke chooses an object that interests him and through painting explores what caught his attention in the first place, juxtaposing it with surreal painterly elements on the way, creating a finished work that is less about the object itself than our associations with it. Each painting is a journey that sets off at our first impression of the subject and takes us through a process of abstract connections and stories the artist attaches to each element of his imagery.

In 'Fapengo', Clarke argues that seeing is imagining, a process that happens only within our mind. His painting alludes to the naivety of seeing. By leaving his brushstroke visible he makes clear that his subjects are only representations of reality, filtered through his eyes, his mind, and ultimately his brush, thereby moving closer to reality by showing how we see. “Life’s clumsy, man.”